Rob the baker?

A new challenge

Rob B

2/12/20231 min read

Baking sometimes feels like a magical artform, passed down from generation to generation. One that's been around for ages, about 6,500 years so a huge part of every civilisation throughout history.

Like most people, I'm filled with joy when presented with a beautifully formed pastry or a delightfully rustic sourdough loaf.

Now I’ve the opportunity to learn the ropes with local artisan baker Jimmy, at my favourite Bristol bakery, The Forest Bakery.

With a great deal of anticipation, I start tomorrow. My only fear being a dramatic failure of self-control around so many delicious baked goods. I’m filled with excitement at the prospect of creating the delights I’ve previously journeyed to purchase as a special treat.

My connection with The Forest Bakery began in 2019, their first-year trading, where I entered an online competition to win a voucher and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I won! I ordered and had a collection of delicious pastries. I was hooked.

When I moved out of their delivery area, I was incredibly happy to find my local Fishponds coffee van MiCafé, had begun stocking forest buns and almond croissants, as long as you got there early enough.

Adam’s coffee is also some of the best in the city. Not so long ago, the bakery moved to a new location and unsurprisingly, its wholesale business is booming.

I’ve joined the team after a trial shift where, wide eyed, I took in all the magic of the space and revelled in the joyous chat of clearly happy and content team.

So, here we are. I’m writing a blog because I feel the focus it brings me is positive for my mental health and I’ll enjoy looking back over the journey. I can’t wait to delve into the learning process.